Friday, April 2, 2021

NFT art inspired domain names

nft token logo
NFT logo


Long time no see. It's been awhile since i have been active on this blog (not since 2017) but it's now time to reawake this blog.

As many of you know the NFT or non-fungible token art has been on the spotlights for few months now. Big names like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have rised all the NFT fuzz too the roof, and many big names have been making announcements about their new NFT funds. 

NFTs are so hot now, we all are amazed about the prices been paid for those art works. Some simple pixelated avatras (now called pixel art) like CryptoPunks, ones you could by for few dollars couple of years ago, are being sold for tens of thousands of dollars. 

Bit of a downside for all this NFT marketplace mania is that the gas prices are often so high, that your purchase costs less than the gas fee. All NTF art or items are stored on ETH blockchain and to transfer anthing, you simply must pay a gas fee for the blockchain to make your transfer actions (buy, sell, list etc.) to happen. Many NFT marketplaces are looking for alternative blockchains to operate with, simply to reduce those fees.

Read more about "hidden fees" of the NFT markets: The Hidden Fees of Selling Crypto Art or NFTs — Explained by Business Insider.

Me myself inspired to hand register a few NFT art related domains and i put them on sale at

Yes those are .works domains, will have to wait and see.

ps. I also inspired to do my own pixel art, meet the Monochrome Punks :)


twitter profile avatar
As Twitter profile pic with little touch by @BarronThee

Monochrome Punk called Average Joe, designed by me 

As a t-shirt desing for sale on



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