Saturday, October 31, 2015

Google Blogger Buzz, HTTPS support coming to Blogspot

Google blogger Buzz screenshot
Blogger homepage

Google security blog announced that https support is coming to blogspot blogs. Unfortuenately this feature does not support custom domains. Https increases the security significantly.

read the full article at

Friday, October 30, 2015

Famous free hosting service leaked 13 million passwords

000webhost homepage including post about database hack
000webhost homepage screenshot

Lithuanian hosting company 000webhost has their database hacked says forbes, free hosting services are very common today and 000webhost is ranked high on Google search for free hosting services. It seems that they had their database managed badly and the hackers were able to come in thru old php-hole.

read the full story at post about their service hacked

LinkedIn has more registered users than twitter but lacks on monthly users

Linkedin service

LinkedIn now has 400 million cumulative “members,” the company revealed today, up from 380 million in July. But LinkedIn’s active user-base is far smaller: the company averaged 100 million active users per month for the third quarter of 2015 — up just a bit from 97 million during the previous quarter, according to LinkedIn’s latest earningsIf you go on the cumulative figures alone, LinkedIn appears markedly larger than Twitter; but that’s not a fair comparison. Twitter, Facebook, and plenty of other social networks consistently rely on “monthly active user” numbers (MAUs).....


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