Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dot info domain names sold this week on Flippa

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You know i am big fan of dot info gTLD, these names are from my Flippa watchlist, if some auctioned names are missing, it's my mistake. Here is the .info domain names sold this week on Flippa auctions.

Domain name, final price, ending time:, $50, 54 minutes ago., $205, 10 hours ago., $6, Yesterday., $6, Yesterday., $65, Yesterday., $310, Yesterday., $35, Yesterday., $51, 2 days ago., $75, 2 days ago., $12, 2 days ago., $305, 3 days ago., $699, 4 days ago., $42, 5 days ago., $1, 5 days ago., $6, 5 days ago.

Monday, March 10, 2014

My last weekend experience with Flippa auctions

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First i have to say that i instantly fall in love with auctions platform, both web based and ios app ( yes i'm a proud iPhone 5 user ). Of course i have been visiting in the past but last weekend i really put my mind into it, registered in, downloaded the Apple ios application and listed few domains and participated to auction listed by Morgan Linton :) Actually this listing that Morgan also posted on his blog, triggered me to dig deeper into Flippa auctions, found out also that there was and is a good amount of great dot info domain names on sale. Those two domain names i listed was and, they are now on auction for 11 days.

Flippa account activity overview, screenshot

The website platform is really simple in a good way, it's clear, easy to use and still full of information. There's also a website valuation tool for you to see what is your website worth.

Flippa ios app, screenshot

As i was playing with Flippa ios application i got these notifications about domain names sold on Flippa, i tagged all the interesting dot info auctions before and now saw those notifications pouring on my iPhone screen. There's one little bug on ios notifications, it says domain x sold for $x.xx even if there was no bids or reserve price was not met, it is quite misleading and you have to check the auction listing to be sure, but anyway i will start to post about these final sales soon and will keep you posted more about my experiences with

Happy domaining everyone!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Domain name related tweet of today

You gotta respect the King! But not the .com, until now?


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