Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pornhub beats Youtube in 2013 mobile traffic statistics

The world's largest provider of adult entertainment websites, PornHub has released statistics of the 2013 traffic. According to statistics, mobile devices is used to watch videos almost as many times as table computers. In the United States and Britain, the vast majority uses mobile devices for viewing adult entertainment.
Compared to last year watched porn in the current year more and more phone and tablet computer instead. Last year, the computer viewers to share Pornhub global traffic was 62 percent, but this year's share fell to 51 percent. Showed a similar trend in all market areas, which PornHub figures published in the annual report.
Porn Sites has been a very crucial role in many technologies, in terms of penetration and can be inferred by observing the trends of the future. Porn industry has contributed to the online payment systems, video chat technology, network traffic optimization solutions for web and video development.
Pornhub statistics on adult sites have become popular in mobile traffic other areas mentioned above. For example, YouTube's traffic only about 40 percent come from mobile devices.
Here is the infogaphic of pornhub (contains +18 stuff, consider yourself WARNED!)

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