Thursday, August 30, 2012 want's you to judge their site! logo web design celebrates it's sixth month anniversary. Now they want to know how you like their site.

Icann annoucement:

"The redesign of ICANN.ORG was launched on 27 February 2012. As we pass the six-month mark, we'd like to get your feedback. Is the redesigned site easier to use? Do you find the new features useful? Did we effectively streamline site navigation?

The new information architecture was designed to organize the resources that ICANN.ORG offers in a more logical arrangement. More than 38,000 pages and files were carefully examined and migrated into new locations following extensive consultation with the ICANN community, including:

-Nearly 300 responses to the site survey conducted by The Revere Group
-More than two dozen in-depth interviews with SO and AC members
-A series of live briefings (with Q&A) across two ICANN public meetings
-At least three briefings on process and progress to Board Directors (via the Public   Participation Committee)

-Two public webinars requesting input and concerns

So now, you tell us! Were we successful? What do you like and dislike? Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey and let us know your thoughts. We'll publish the results and review as we continuously improve the site"

You can answer the survey here

Monday, August 6, 2012

Finnish oil company loses domain dispute against Greenpeace

Neste Oil's totem

Wipo announces that it has declined the complation of domain name, witch Neste Oil set against Greenpeace. and later was set up against Neste Oil's palm oil production in biodisels.
Wipo says that non commercial critizism belongs to commercial business and does not violate brand. is still on hold by swedish internet provider, Inc. sold for $50k to group of ex-nokia employees

Company called Jolla is formed by group of ex Nokia employees who jumpped out of Nokia after Stephen Elop and Windows phone marked the end for Nokia Meego platform.
Jolla is now making their own Meego phone and it's marketing value has rised rapidly just in few months.
They bought this domain name for securing their brand. Jolla owns also domain name and four other domain names.

Earlyer this year just before announcing that they formed this company, could have been purchased by just for maybe 500-2000 usd... or opens later..

Jolla official homepage: @jollamobile

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Expired domains drop lists SALE


Looking for deleted/expired domains?
Here we have drop lists in sale, four upcoming days!
These are gTLD domain names that are pending delete.
Including .com, .net, .org, .co, .cc and .tv.
Remember these are upcoming list so you can search them thru and find some jewels!

All for $0.99 ! Value $3.49 !!

You will receive four different text files, one for each day.
Payments via paypal, files will be sent to your paypal account email address.

If you don't know what these are about, download our archieved drop list.



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