Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google domain name typos today

Previously i blogged about Google's fight for 32 different domain names witch closely reminds Today there is still about 400 typo domains out there, 53 now belongs to Google Inc. Those 53 redirects you to
Many of them links to landing pages and  parking sites, some even to fully functional commercial sites. Others are registered but non operational.
I used the typo finder tool. You can use the links and see registrars names >>>See the result.<<<

Domains owned by Google are marked Google Inc or DNS Admin.

Here's the plain list: has been frozen by Swedish service provider Loopia blocked page.

Swedish hosting provider Loopia used by Greenpeace  locked critical  network address wich is against Neste Oils bio-diesel production. Address is now presented with a big stop sign and the swedish language explanation.

Explanation is that the account has been frozen and the owner is requested to contact the Loopia.

The Greenpeace did, 
according to program director Tapio Laakso Loopia at least not at present agree to pass the address to another service provider. A domain name is locked. So Greenpeace can not get the address activities, for example by changing the service provider.

- This is a big concern  about internet network freedom of speech , Laakso saysAccording to him, even if the matter can be compared to a newspaperwhich is left without pressing because of its content may be offensive to some.

Neste Oil has appealed to WIPO, of which a decision is expected around mid-summer 2012 Laakso believes Loopian to have the same letterswhich the oil company sent to Wipo. Greenpeace believes that Loopia acted hastily.

Greenpeace has transferred the contents of the address to

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finnish Oil Company and Greenpeace Fights About Domain name.

Naeste spoil screenshot

Finnish oil company Neste Oil requires domain name registered by environmental organization GreenpeaceThe Company has submitted an application for a copyright management organization Wipo (The World Intellectual Property Organizationin order to obtain possession of the domainaddress. is published by Greenpeace, Neste Oil's annual report is a spoofwebsitewhich also campaigns against the company's palm oil diesel.

The domain claim Neste Oil to justify the confusing network address of a registered trademark of Neste Oil.

Read Neste Oil's claim (pdf) that Greenpeace's response (pdf) (published online).

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Youtube domain name typos registered

The site where we all have visited

Popularity of Youtube video service attracts people to hand register domain name typos. Using a typo finder search tool, we can see what are these domains.



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