Saturday, April 28, 2012

People are cheating search engines - Google punishes

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Google tells changes in the search engines. The company notes that it is quite right to optimize websites for search engines. These can ensure that search engines will find very content of the website.It is also a good idea, for example to ensure that the site is used in human search engines used by the generic terms, for example, and not in a particular field within the "jargon" that people do not know.The Internet has also been seen in a long time optimizationwhich goes too far. It is not intended to help users improve or web pages, but rather to any outsiderstricks to fool search engines.
One example is the huge amounts of keyword-growing site (top). Pages attached to a long word lists, in order to view more pages in various searches.
Another example of improper operation of the picture belowOnline article looks at the sports topic. As such, the material is connected to the line of text links thatare unrelated to the text rather than the whole topic. This attempt to confuse the search algorithms.

Google said algorithms are changed in such a way that the lower investment of such sitesIt is also intended to reward the sites which act in an objective manner.These changes will affect approximately 3-5 percent of search results.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Internet Explorer 6.0 Is still Chinese surfers favorite browser

ie 6.0 rotten?

Microsoft has reduced 10.8% of IE6 usage in China in the past 12 months through an online campaign that began last year, despite China is still the biggest country that using the terrible browser. So which browser does the Chinese using nowsdays? Internet Explore still! According to a research from Baidu, it found over 60% of Chinese internet users are using IE, and IE 6 dominated the most with 29.6% of the market share. However, the usage of IE 6 is actually falling and that’s where IE 7 and IE 8 taking over.

The ranking ( china):
1. IE 6.0 — 29.60%
2. Qihoo 360 Browser — 20.66%
3. IE 7.0 — 16.37%
4. IE 8.0 — 13.00%
5. Sogou Browser — 5.52%
6. IE 9.0 — 2.56%
7. Safari — 1.80%
8. Firefox — 1.49%
9. Others — 4.36%

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About Qihoo:

Qihoo (奇虎) is a Chinese software company known for its antivirus software (360 Safeguard) and web browser (360 Secure Browser). It was founded by Hongyi Zhou and Xiangdong Qi in August 2006. In January 2011, 360 Safeguard and other security products developed by Qihoo had 328 million subscribers.
Qihoo has changed 2008 its business model from selling security software to selling advertising. They have begun to distribute their software for free to attract and bind users to their portal. Even partially with questionable means, for example their own Antivirus (360 Safeguard), which is only supporting their own web browser (360 Secure Browser) and vice versa. 
In February 2012, Qihoo's applications were removed from iTunes with no reason given, but the company states that they will be back online shortly. On February 9, Qihoo announced that the applications had been restored.
Qihoo article by Wikipedia

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