Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We are way way off our usual topics here but;

I'm huge fan of motorsport and i'm happy to say that, Kimi Räikkonen is back in business!!!
Kimi made two year deal with Lotus Renault F1 team.

2007 f1 champ Kimi "iceman" Räikkönen stepped out of formula one world in 2009. After that he competed in WRC for two years and made couple strong NASCAR races.

After those NASCAR events his appetite for F1 get stronger.

With this deal Lotus Renault will really increase their server traffic!

Good luck KIMI!

Lotus Renault GP official page


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KISS.us, cool! Rock and Roll or just a kiss?

Hardest band in the Land
The hardest band in the land, KISS!!

I'm a HUGE KISS fan! (glam rock, heavy rock band KISS). I noticed this cool domain name for sale : KISS.US

It will be intresting to see what price level this domain reaches.

Buy the way, check their awesome homepage: KISSONLINE.COM

Lipstick kiss mark

Sedo recent sales in the us market.

Some real strong .info .me .es .de .it sales!!

Sedo recent sales at the time of writing:

urbanadventure.com (5,000 USD)
tradeouts.com (23,000 USD)
krev.com (2,050 USD)
mobiledate.com (7,800 USD)
devisassuranceauto.com (1,500 EUR)
smutty.com (12,000 USD)
cloudex.com (30,000 USD)
reisebuchen.at (1,000 EUR)
crossinnovation.com (1,000 EUR)
herba.de (1,550 EUR)
ispain.com (1,450 USD)
standesamt.de (14,875 EUR)
explorers.com (30,000 EUR)
adpath.com (8,500 USD)
hasanhabib.com (2,700 USD)
thephoenix-forums.com (1,700 USD)
gree.es (6,000 USD)
hoteles.com.pe (2,050 USD)
boardinghouse.com (3,000 EUR
jalousie.com (5,101 EUR)
anyplay.com (6,000 EUR)
e-behavior.com (1,000 USD)
faith.me (1,099 USD)
flyerholder.com (3,500 USD)
crowdfunds.com (1,695 USD)
taner.com (6,000 EUR)
tubeled.com (1,200 EUR)
pensionannuities.co.uk (1,600 EUR)
rainfox.info (2,460 EUR)
medicine.me (1,050 USD)
energybill.co.uk (1,500 GBP)
stef.com (3,400 USD)
1v1.com (4,000 USD)
livinglist.com (2,000 USD)
bbmall.com (2,100 USD)
aseko.com (4,100 USD)
isocell.it (3,000 EUR)
planungsbuero.de (3,273 EUR)
goq.com (4,100 EUR)
economía.es (1,900 EUR)
americanoutlet.com (1,400 USD)
protunes.com (1,125 EUR)
playsoft.com (5,000 USD)
flowers.me (9,000 USD)
dentist.me (2,500 USD)
pix.me (3,667 USD)
inc.me (5,600 USD)
scores.me (1,675 USD)
baseball.me (2,800 USD)
lifeinsurance.me (10,600 USD)
chicago.me (2,601 USD)
vodka.me (3,900 USD)
football.me (3,966 USD)
vitamins.me (1,402 USD)
first.me (1,051 USD)
basketball.me (1,899 USD)
wealth.me (1,050 USD)
golf.me (7,000 USD)
tax.me (2,150 USD)
spring.me (1,059 USD)
888.me (1,555 USD)
celebrity.me (1,199 USD)
detox.me (5,900 USD)
jewelry.me (1,049 USD)
chinese.me (1,550 USD)
onlinedating.me (1,099 USD)
kindergeld.info (1,249 EUR)
pixxies.com (1,100 EUR)
holisticdrugtreatment.com (1,500 USD)
freshdesign.com (1,400 USD)
scores.us (1,000 EUR)
learningspark.com (5,000 USD)
teampool.com (4,500 EUR)
melbournia.com (1,800 USD)
medicinali.com (10,000 EUR)
relaypro.com (950 USD)
escortsreviews.com (1,100 USD)
blogigo.de (7,100 EUR)
starpool.com (3,000 USD)
peel.me (2,550 EUR)
jobangebote.de (10,099 EUR)
sankyu.com (1,150 EUR)
filth.com (9,999 EUR)
birthdaywishes.net (1,650 USD)
casino.bo (1,700 EUR)
cumbia.com (6,100 EUR)
brillen.org (3,500 EUR)
intuitive.it (20,000 EUR)
cloudftp.com (2,900 USD)
seoexperts.co.uk (1,250 GBP)
kroatien-reisen.net (2,000 EUR)
engineerjobs.co.za (3,000 USD)
webdots.de (8,830 EUR)
ink.me (2,500 GBP)
ha.net (9,800 USD)
chickenshop.com (2,208 USD)
protunes.co.uk (1,000 EUR)
itattoo.com (5,000 USD)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet.Me sold for +400k


Group of top domain investors; Rick SchwartzAmmar Kubba and Mike Berkens sold their domain investment meet.me for 450k. Domain that they paid 5k shows that dot com is not the only gTLD to watch for. This sale encourages us to invest domains that are not in the main range of top gTLDs. So congratulations to this invetment group!

Our dot me portfolio:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hustler complains Hustler.co

Company files complaint over Hustler.co domain name.
The company behind the Hustler adult entertainment enterprise has finally heard about the .co domain name.
LFP, IP, LLC has filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over the domain name Hustler.co.
The domain is, of course, just one missing ‘m’ away from the company’s flagship web site.
Hustler.co forwards to rival Vivid.com, although this may be through an affiliate relationship.
Read the full story at: Domainnamewire.com


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