Friday, September 30, 2011

.Me Registry To Auction Off 150 Previously Unreleased Premium .Me Domain Names On Sedo.

The .Me registry is going to auction off 150 premium, previously unreleased registry owned .Me domain names at Sedo, told

The auction which will start on October 27th and end on November 3rd (actually times to be announced).

The auction will include some great keyword domain names including ( just sold for $8.25 Million).

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Larry Page & Q&A with Eric Schmidt at Zeitgeist Americas 2011

Even though Larry Page has been CEO of Google for just about 6 months now, he hasn’t been as visible as many other high-profile CEOs. In fact, the most we’ve heard from him has been during earnings calls. But today during Google’s annual Zeitgeist conference, Page took the stage to address the audience. Watch the entire 45-minute talk above.

eBay Software Foundation? Auction site buys eBay Software Foundation domains.

It appears eBay is making plans to launch their own software foundation, says On September 28, 2011, eBay Inc. registered over half a dozen domain names related to: eBay Software Foundation.

The list of names includes:,,,,,,,, and

Although nothing has been announced yet so it’s not official, one would imagine that the “eBay Software Foundation” might be a non-profit organization that provides support for the eBay community of open-source software projects, similar to the Apache Software Foundation. 

Less than two weeks ago, eBay Inc. registered six different ‘eBay Insights’ domain names such as and,  following the company’s announcement it was building a new division to woo developers and attract merchants called X.commerce.
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Google Wins Shot To Compete With Microsoft For Government Contract.

Google's a year ago initiated litigation against the Ministry of the Interior is over, the Wall Street Journal says.

Internet company did not accept that the Ministry of the Interior chose the Microsoft e-mail solution for its 88 000 employees. Google complained that the Ministry did not even take to considering their offer.

On Wednesday, the dispute was resolved when the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced contract bidding nearly $ 60 million purchase again.The reason is that technology has had time to evolve during the bickering, and competitive bidding process for the Ministry's statement has expired.

Both Google and Microsoft are pleased with the decision.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011 Acquires Domain Name

The online file sharing service has made a domain name upgrade. has acquired the domain name from Digi Media!

The domain names whois records changed to privacy on 2/24/2011 and as of yesterday (9/28/2011) the whois record displayed as the owners of the domain name!
I wasn’t able to dig up a sales price for the sale, but I’m sure it was a minimum of six figures, if not higher! now redirects to
I’m sure "a fair amount" of people who intended to visit would type the more common TLD .com and ended up at a location they weren’t expecting. So clearly this was a very smart move by to purchase the .com! Will become Hard to say at this point but now they can if they want to.

Read orginal article:
By: acquires domain name

Amazon announced today its Amazon Kindle Fire tablet computer

Amazon announced today its Amazon Kindle Fire tablet computer, which it intends to challenge Apple's iPad. Kindle Fire is smaller but more than half cheaper than the iPad.

Kindle Fire is a 7-inch screen, $ 199 device. Apple iPad at the cheapest costs $ 499. Kindle Fire is a tweaked version of the Kindle reader, and it runs Google's Android operating system.

Kindle Fire has no built-in camera or microphone. It has a wireless wi-fi connection, but no 3G. With $ 79 a year Amazon Prime customers will receive the device for a month trial.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezosin says they have an opportunity to really challenge the iPad, because Amazon dominates the online marketing.

Books, movies and music can fill the sales of equipment likely to be low margins, Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair told the news agency Bloomberg. Blair, the Amazon is the only player in the tablet market, which is the same as the Apple is offering.

Amazon, however, continue to keep the development of tablets in order to become a viable competitor, Blair says. According to him the right pill is to be a 10-inch display.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Steve Weinstein of the Amazon, growth is of great importance in terms of how consumers take the device in future.

Amazon Kindle Fire preorder: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

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